бывают же талантливые люди.. напишут два параграфа, а что хотели сказать так и не ясно.. или можно сжать до одного предложения.
Сейчас редактирую доклад, который нужно сдать моей команде в пятницу.. чел один жжот по полной: слова пишет такие, что не во всех словарях есть. А в тему это слово или нет – пофик, главное большое и красивое -)

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  1. 0x00000000 says:

    Народ требует цитат того чела -)

  2. trailmax says:

    только не жалуйся потом -))

    The team held weekly or bi-weekly meetings at a neutral location where each teac member provided an update on their progress with the assigned task. The team leader, and where unavailable the deputy leader split each phase into tasks, which were assigned to members based on their familiarity and self-assured competence with the subject matter. Completed work was sent back to the team leader, who collated it into a suitable and concise format.

    Due to the somewhat technical nature of this project, in particular with regard to its communications’ aspects, the team decided to employ technologies, both hardware and software that members were already familiar with. Some members required some self-tutoring with regard to the Java programming language, however this was conducted individually with little disruption to development operations. In order to make group communication more efficient, the team took the initiative and established a private online forum, where documents could be published in a secure environment for the perusal and comment thereof by other members. This also allowed members to share expertise and, in genral was found to drastically improve the overall quality of the work produced.

    но это не лучшее его произведение -) В начале семестра надо было тоже доклад сдавать – он о “пустоте” написал пять страниц -)))))))

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